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The Many Advantages of Installing Exterior Residential Accent Lighting


Canadian winters are long, cold and dark. We all enjoy the holiday season, when our neighbourhoods are transformed with coloured, sparkling lights. But in order for the magic to happen, many of us climb extension ladders, dealing with tangled strings of lights, cold stiff fingers, and icy cement. Then we do it all again a few weeks later, when we take them down. Each year, holiday decorating accidents send many Canadians to the emergency room, and are the cause of some serious injuries.


What if bringing the light into winter was as easy as pressing a button on a remote, or using a smartphone app? And what if you could have lights any time you wanted that were virtually invisible the rest of the time? Well, the good news is that you can, with exterior residential accent lighting! These permanent LED lighting systems are the simplest way to add some colourful joy into your family life  (and the whole neighbourhood) all year round. And they have plenty of other advantages, too.


Safe, Cost-Effective, and Environmentally-Friendly


An outdoor LED accent lighting system is a good investment for your home. It will add curb appeal, and provide added security for your property. It will also, of course, keep you from climbing ladders in the dead of winter!


LED lights are much more economical than incandescent ones – in fact, because LED lights operate at a lower voltage, they can save you up to 80% of the cost of more conventional lighting. LED lights are also extremely durable and long-lasting. Many systems have a five-year warranty, but if you choose a company that specializes in lights for Canadian weather, you can expect decades of reliable lighteven if a segment of your lighting needs replacement, it’s a fast and easy repair job.)


Because LEDs need replacing so rarely and use less energy, they’re much more environmentally-friendly than conventional lights. Most systems are recyclable and non-toxic as well.


Celebrating Special Occasions


Once you have permanent accent lighting installed, you will discover how much fun they can be. Unlike conventional lights, LEDs have a huge range of colour options available, as well as the ability to move dynamically. You can program your lights to cycle through various colours, and to flash, blink, chase, or strobe. You can put on an elaborate light show, or simply let them glow softly. And many homeowners have realized that LED lights can be enjoyed all year round.


If you choose not to use your exterior residential accent lighting except during the holidays, it will not be noticeable. However, many people choose to turn the lights on for other special occasions, or to light up their houses every night. It’s nice to have ambient lighting if you’re enjoying a barbecue or a drink in the backyard on a warm summer evening, for example. You might want to create a light show for a child’s birthday party. Turn on spooky orange lights for Halloween to attract trick-or-treaters. Celebrate your Irish heritage on St. Paddy’s Day with a green glow, or the fact that Brazil won the World Cup with a green, white, gold, and blue display!


Exterior residential accent lighting can be beautiful, fun, and as unique as your family. Contact an LED specialist today!